The Squad

Ian aka E Weezie

A size 12.5-wearing sneaker dude who loves soft cookies. And with a bit more height he'd be in a league somewhere. Our brave and fearless leader.










Noori aka Moose Louie

The OG Moose Louie aka THE DS latte slapper, there will neva be another. It's up!











Terelle aka Toonche

6'6" when I'm standing on my dreams minus the durag and two beanies. Eldest of 3 twin siblings. Projected 2023 crooked latte art champion of the Norf. Don't come to Mill Plain without permission.










Nalani aka Salami

Proud East Bay Area shawty that's thinking about what's for snack today. Enjoys crosswords and long walks on the beach. Youngest of 3 twin siblings. Known by many names, some of which are worn out. Ian's boss.









Jordan aka Chico de Pastel

City boy wholesome latte whipper during the day, treacherous menace at night. Living life in 4k while y'all stuck in 8-bit. 










Nate aka Big Fish

Midwest kid who loves beans. Artist of life. Legendary mentor to the yute dem. Big fan of nature and fútbol.











Diana aka Princess Di

Real life sagiterrorist Bratz doll; a lil more spiritual. Dog mother of two.











Mauricio aka Brother Maurcious

Bay Area boy, with a passion in fútbol and food. Slinging coffee by day and getting Fortnite dubs by night!