Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys sell shoes?

We do not (except for that one time we did)! But we can point you in the right direction based on what you're looking for. We even used to clean shoes...maybe we'll run that back, stay tuned.

Do I have to like shoes to come get coffee?

You can like whatever you want - everyone is welcome! Just don't disrespect anybody and we're all good.

Is your coffee any good?

C'mon, fam - you think this is a game? We like to have fun, but we're also serious about our craft. We've roasted all our own coffee since March 2017, but if you don't believe us, peep the reviews.

Do you guys have a menu?

We do not - but we can make whatever you want! We've got all the cafe classics and some super secret ringers. Just let us know what you're feeling and we can come up with something together. You can also ask us about our seasonal faves. As long as it's not a blended drink or a pour-over, we got you!

What's that drink with the shoe on it?

That's a mocha! But we can also put a sneaker stencil on anything that's got steamed milk if a mocha's not your thing. Decaf and hot cocoas are for legends.

What is Zero Chill/Lebronald Palmer?

Zero Chill is the perfect mix of cold brew and Southern sweet tea. If that's not refreshing enough for you, ask for Zero's cousin, Lebronald (cold brew + sweet tea + lemonade).

Why Portland?

Believe it or not, Portland is the sneaker capital of the world. adidas America, Nike and Brand Jordan WHQ, Under Armour West, Keen, Columbia, Mizuno America, and Arc'teryx all call this city home.

This also means a lot of the creative, strategic, and advertising support for big corporate initiatives are nearby. Weiden + Kennedy, Instrument, Laundry Service, AKQA, R/GA, and more all have main or sole locations in Rose City. The icing on the cake is Pensole Academy: the only footwear design school in the world, founded in PDX *and* our former next door neighbor!

So before we could open anywhere else, we had to show love to the people who build the hype that we all chase.

The owner used to be a designer, right?

Noooo, he can't draw anything to save his life. He was a Footwear Developer, which is similar to an engineer. Designers draw it, developers figure out how to make it.

I still have a question!

No problem, just hit us up!